No Footprints


I've listened to the "Footprints" poem

A million times or more

Of how when only one set shows

Upon the sandy shore

It is the Lord carrying us

And taking on our load

And His are the only set

Of footprints that showed.

But what if when we look

There are no footprints to be found?

All we see is plain and simple

Sand upon the ground.

No imprints showing that our Lord

Is carrying us through life

Helping us when we feel

We cannot handle all this strife.

Where is my Lord now that I've fallen,

And can't seem to get back up?

So tired and lonely trying to deal

With what seems an overflowing cup.

Where are those footprints in the sand,

To tell me He's right there?

Helping me with problems and

Showing that He really does care.

Does He have favorites, Oh no!

Please tell me that's not so!

By why does life seem easier,

For some people that I know?

And sometimes I just scream out loud

Although it seems in vain,

But often it gets harder each day

To deal with all this pain.

And then it dawned on me as I realize

How simple could it be?

I wonder why I was so blind

That I truly did not see.

It must have been a lightning bolt

That one day gave me light,

Cause out of the clear blue sky,

I finally regained my sight.

I saw a fluffy white cloud

Shaped like an Angel dear.

That helped me to understand

And see things oh so clear,

That when I saw no footprints

And so often wondered why,

My Lord carried me on Angel wings,

When He decided to fly.


Prints in the Sand