My Habitation


The place of my habitation has no walls to stop the wind~

No boundaries to confine me or restraints to hold me in.


I am free to roam, free to rise as high as I desire,

Free to soar heavenward into the Holy Fire.


I have no bed to lay me down, no pillow for my rest

Yet I have the Holy Wind that lifts me above the test.


My ears stretch out like light years to distant galaxies~

My eyes roam into the Spirit and over the far flung seas.


My wings are made of Angel dust, lighter than the breath of air.

My heart is pure as the fire of the Lord and almost as fair.


I have arms that reach the heavens stretching forth in praise

I worship in truth and in the Spirit with a voice I raise~


Unto the heart of my Lord who sits upon the throne,

And calls me with His tender voice to my heavenly home.


Could be I'll fly this evening just before the deep of night,

Or maybe at the sunrise I'll ride upon the light.


Yet I long to watch some more as years roll out like songs~

But I know I'm going to fly before the night gets long.

Used with permission 

Copyright © 1998 by Pat Worrell

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