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Strongest Of Believers

Our Last Day Together?

Strongest of Believers

by Jennifer

Today is your birthday

And I woke up sad.

I said a prayer this morning

For our Mom and Dad.

I included the rest of the family

And even added myself,

Because I know, we too,

Will need God's help.


I think about your life

The path you were given,

Then I say to myself,

"God must have been thinkin!"

He took you from our lives,

Oh, so suddenly.

How can we say no,

When yours was not so easy.


Now I'm supposed to believe

That you are in Heaven,

But God, please forgive me

For I know of your sins.

And I was not there

To see you accept

Jesus Christ

as Savior and King.


I don't know what else to do

But pray, all will be forgiven.

Satan tried to tempt me

But I would not succumb.

God clearly must have heard me,

Now I am forgiven.

For the strongest of believers

Know that He has won.



With all my love and enduring forgiveness

I miss you,


(Written on your birthday February 18, 2001)

Our last day together?


by Jennifer


I will never forget our last day together

As our family gathered around to wish me a farewell

The day for me seemed surreal

As I looked around and saw each cousin all grown up

They each had their own little family while we still had none

But the smile on your face as you played with Sierra

Told me that you in your heart had one.


The day came to a close and it was time to say goodbye,

When I gave you a hug you said,

"Sis, maybe when I get my Toyota running,

I will drive across country and come see you.

How far is Philadelphia anyway?"

"3,000 miles," I said.

Then I left you standing there by that lamp post

But as I drove away, I did not want to go

Because somewhere in my heart

I was afraid that I would never again see my big bro.

I pray to God everyday that that will not be true

And try my hardest to live by God's will

For the strongest of believers tell me you are in Heaven

And I pray to be someday too.