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Glad to spend this special time
Wonder what is on your mind
You seem so tired I am too
Glad to spend this time with you

It's really nice to have a friend
Who stays by me until the end
Doing what I like to do
I see that it won't bother you

You're the friend I'll always need
The one that wants me to succeed
Patiently you're always there
It fills my heart with love so rare

When I'm done we'll take a run
The both of us will have some fun
You'll always be my greatest pal
You really boost up my morale

What a gift you've given me
The joy of friendship happily
I look to heaven every day
These the words I have to say

So happy you are part of me
From this day you will always be
The very best in life my friend
Loves precious gift until the end.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission