How are you my darling?
Here just hold my hand
This path we made together
This fall of life so grand

The years we walked together
This path for us to share
Forever by my side you are
Love's precious gift so rare

As years do drift away now
I'm happily sublime
This stroll we share together
Has deeper glow and shine

Hear the church bells ringing
They only chime for us
Take us to a special place
Where love is felt so much

Prayer I say to thank the Lord
For all the gifts received
Then I turn to look at you
Such beauty is perceived

All the special years we shared
It seems like yesterday
Youth forever in our hearts
Forever shall it stay

Winds of fall now blowing
The leaves fall from the tree
Giving path the beauty of
Life's colors tenderly

The earth has known such beauty
For you have walked this land
My heart is filled with tenderness
Just holding my love's hand.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission

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