Did The Angels...

Did The Angels Come From Heaven
To Help You Make It Home That Night
Did They Feel Your Terror
And Take Away Your Fright

Did The Angels Bear The Pain
That Was Being Done To You
Did They Hear Your Cries Of Fear
And Stay To Help You Through

Did The Angels Hold You Tight
The Way I Would Have Done
Did They Know How I Would Feel
And Wish They Were The One

Did The Angels Cry Out Loudly
For The Unjustness Of Your Plight
Did They Call Lord Jesus
And Lead You To The Light

Did The Angels Softly Kiss Your Cheek
Before You Took Your Leave
And Remind You How I Love You So
And Forever More I’d Grieve

Did The Angels Whisper In Your Ear
You Will Not Go Alone
Did They Know A Part Of Me Went With You
The Day God Called You Home

Yes In My Soul I Know The Angels Did
As I Wish For You I Know The Angels Did
As I Miss You And Long To Hold You Tight
I Know The Angels Do