by Kirsti A. Dyer
It begins as an affliction in the center of my soul.

A scarcely detectable awareness.

A hungry gnawing sensation.

The feeling emerges slowly at first.

Barely perceptible.

A constant ache.

It begins to permeate, radiating to all levels from core to periphery.

Filling with agony and grief.

My hands begin to tremble in reaction to the pain.

I scream in anguish for it to stop.

It spreads, enlarging becoming all-consuming, ravaging.

Distilled to a searing, burning sensation.

Bowels turning, tearing.

Heart pounding, shattering.

The break point is reached,

I can endure no more.

Tears of anguish flow.

Sobs of grief,

Releasing some of the torment.

The pain subsides, but still lingers.

Barely perceptible.

Never abating.

Never leaving.

Ever present.

"Broken" by Ric Berry. 

Please visit Ric's site to see his other beautiful inspired art.

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