IMOM~Grief & Healing Poetry

Love Poetry To My Husband

Poetry To My Family & To Life

In Rememberance 9/11

Lighter Side

Animal Poetry

IMOM~Grief & Healing Poetry


I Am With You Always

My Child's Name

Children's Memorial Day

My Habitation

Commandments of the Bereaved

If I Knew

No Footprints

Did The Angels

I Hope You Dance

Pain:The Way to God?


I Lift You Up In Prayer

Perfected In Him


I'm Free

Prints In The sand


Islands of Peace

Remember Me

I've Learned


God's Wings

Jenny's Poetry

Stairway To Heaven

Go Rest High


The Light


Message From Heaven

He Only Took My Hand

Most Beautiful Flower

Home At Last


Love Poetry To My Husband

Be Mine

The House That Love Built

Weathering Life's Storms


How Do I Love Thee

Where Love

Come With Me

From This Day Forward

Where The Path Ends

Just Us


Like A Moth To A Flame

You Are The One

Poetry To My Family & To Life
For The Love Of Daddy My Grandma
For Jenny The Healing Touch

When You Need Me

Pure Heart Homemade Love

Always & Forever

Fall Of Our Lives Seasons Of Our Lives

In Rememberance 9/11

Jesus Wept~

He Understands~

We Became One...

In God's Hands~

Proud To Be An American~

God Bless The USA

The Day The World Cried~

Where is God?

Lighter Side
Broken Window
Dirt Roads
Wyoming Cowboy
Animal Poetry

Command Performance

Little One Of Nature

Cozy Afternoon

No Place Like Home (Baggage)

Toy Shoppe

Forever Kind Of Friends

God's Cardinals

Protecting The Little Ones

Unconditional Love

Gone Fishin

Sharing The Good Times

Have You Heard?

Thunder Of Hoofbeats

When I Count My Blessings

I'm Yours

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